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  Anatomy   Structure and working of eye.
  Diseases And Treatment  Information  about Eye diseases , treatment and resources
 related  with disease.
  Therapies And Pathies  Different Therapies and Pathies related with eye.
  How To Care  Different preventive action and care for eye.
  Eye Surgery  This section contains information about different  eye surgery
 and surgeons related with the surgery. 
  Eye Surgeon  A surgeon can be registered and search through the
  Optician  A optician can be registered and search through the
 site worldwide.
  Donor /Recipient Form   A donor and recipient form is provided online. Also Eligibility
 Criteria gives eligibility for eye donation. 
  Eye Education  This section contains information about R/D Centers , Job
 opportunities ,eye dictionary ,fellowships , Eye Bookstore.
  R/D Centers  R/D centers can be registered online and R/D centers can
 be search through the site.
  Job Opportunities  This shows list of jobs present in ophthalmic field. Also a
 employer can registered his job online.
  Eye Dictionary  A ophthalmic word can be searched in the eye dictionary.
  Fellowships  Different fellowships provided by different center can be
 searched  Also a new fellowship can be registered through site.
  Eye Bookstore  Through this section detail information and  books can be
 searched. Also a new book can be registered online.
  Journal  Different Ophthalmic Journals can be registered and searched
 in our site.
  Equipments  Different ophthalmic equipments can be searched with
 their details and manufacturers information.
  Buying and Selling
 Online buying and selling of the equipments is provided.
  Conferences  Ophthalmic Conference can be registered and searched
 in our site.
  Association  Ophthalmic ,Surgeon , Optician , eye bank ,eye care ,
 optometrist and other associations can be registered and
 searched in our site.
  Auction  Online Auctions for ophthalmic equipments is provided.
  Suggestion  User can give us their suggestions in our site.
  Chat  Regular chat is provided
  About Us  Know the history of Vel Software Ltd.
  Contact Us  Contact Information of Vel Software Ltd.
  Site Map  List of different sections with small description.
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