The Venus group is in existence since last 43 years and has various activities in different fields. Since last 12 years, it has diversified its activities in the most important area of eye care awareness and eye donation and hence, the company was incorporated in 1991 as M/s. VENUS EYEVISION LTD. and was in the business of IOL lenses and other ophthalmic equipment. The company has thorough experience in this field and for the same the Managing Director has traveled extensively in all developed and developing countries. It has helped the company to develop business contacts and to be familiar with local atmosphere. In 1995, the company came out with a Public Issue. While working in this area company realized that we were lacking in:
a. Passing the information in terms of Eye Donor / Recipient.
b. Passing Research and Development happenings in the developed countries in the field of eye by fastest mode to developing countries so that common masses should be benefited at the earliest
c. Registration of buyer and seller of ophthalmic equipment (Old or New). In other words, to bridge the gap between demand & supply of ophthalmic equipment globally among eye surgeons

Visit of Mr. Manohar Joshi, Cabinet Minister, Govt. of India

Apart from this, looking at the tremendous growth potential in the field of Information Technology, the company has diversified its activity in software field since the last 2 to 3 years and hence changed its name from M/s. VENUS EYEVISION LTD. to M/s. VEL SOFTWARE LTD.

Performance par excellence
a. A highly experienced and professionally organized setup, having indepth and devoted knowledge in the field of ophthalmology.
b. The first Indian company having excellent international contact and network association in this field.
c. First time in the world portal being launched as "www.eye4us.com" fully devoted to eye related matters, having major features as follows:
i. Online eye donation / online eye recipient.
ii. Countrywise / citywise availability of eye surgeons, which will help common man to approach them.
iii. Online transmission of R&D amongst the eye surgeons.
iv. Online business transaction of ophthalmic equipments.
v. Online help / guidance in regards to eye.
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi have studied the product of company and a positive report has been received.
b. LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad also studied company’s products and positive report has been received.
c. All prominent eye surgeons in India and surrounding countries have been using the company’s product and are very much familiar and aware of company’s latest software activities / portal and is being welcome by all of them.
The leader still marching ahead, now offering...
a. Bringing entire ophthalmic world closer.
b. Globally potential buyer and potential seller will do the business of old or new ophthalmic equipments through us with the help of Foreign Banks.
c. For the above, buyer and seller shall submit their requirements, specifications, photographs of the ophthalmic equipments which will be displayed online so that buyer and seller can come closer without any delay.
d. As globally eye surgeons will be registered country / city wise, approaching them and each other will be very easy for business purposes.
e. We will have coordinating setup for eye donation in group of countries having practical access of physical transport of eye in time.
f. In each and every country franchise offices are being setup to have online co-ordination in the ophthalmic world.
g. Talks are going on to have tie-up with all Medical Universities all over the world as an illustrative / informative media for the latest development on daily basis. Also, this will be an informative media for achievements / new techniques from medical colleges / eye hospitals / eye surgeons.
Infrastructure / Facilities 
The company has a decent, well furnished, air-conditioned office, area admeasuring 3000 sq.ft., having conference hall, pantry, lobby and executive cabins. This provides homely, effective and efficient working environment, by which employees can concentrate and devote to the maximum extent possible at par or better than any international software company. 

The premises are solely owned by the company and is in heart of city, having easy and nearest access from airport, rail and road. The office has all latest equipment / facilities provided for friendly and effective working. 
Managing Director visits Silicon Valley
Marketing Strategies 
The company is in process of opening franchisee offices in all countries, to have prompt on-line co-ordination for collection of data, ophthalmic equipment trading, advertisement and other related activities as mentioned above. Very positive and encouraging response is being received from many foreign parties for having our franchise offices and necessary selection will be made, considering their involvement and knowledge in related business activities. Even though, company will spare some revenue to franchise partner, company as well as franchise partner will be benefited on long term and steady way, as day-by-day portal will gain tremendous popularity and there will be heavy traffic for different purposes. 
Future Plans 
The company has decided to specialize in medico software field and already started development of such types of software for different governments, hospital and institutes related to hospital management and for different eye related activities. Negotiation in this regards is already started. There is tremendous scope for these software in India and for export from foreign government, eye hospital and institutes.
Note: This portal belongs to all ophthalmic people and it is our responsibility that day by day it will be more effective, helpful and informative to us. Hence please give your suggestions and useful information for improvement of the portal. We are eager to receive the same.
5, Gurupkrupa,
Purbai Rajendra Complex,
Nasik Road 422 101, M.S. (India)
e-mail: velsoft@eye4us.com